"Listen My Children" -- THE ULTIMATE STORY


A True Life Experience by Joseph W. Lovoi
Copyright 2001

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was the premier heavy bomber in the European Theatre. Although able to withstand terrible punishment, many "Forts" never returned home from their missions. The crews that flew these planes into battle against incredible odds are regarded by many as the most courageous in the history of aerial warfare. Experience and Actually Feel the Terror Realized By Even The Bravest Of Men both during the Bomb Run and in the ensuing Author's Journey. Free Read.

Listen My Children is a True Story, simply told, that takes the reader on a B-17 Bomb Run over Enemy Territory, floats him on a parachute ride into the waiting hands of the Enemy, and Draws him through the Knot Holes of Captivity, Interrogation and Solitary Confinement. The Reader will Feel the Pangs of Cold, Hunger, and Depression, both in the Prison Camps and on the Forced March over the Silesian Tundra. And finally the Reader's Heart will Feel the Pulsating Pressure of Relief as Rescue and Hope become a Reality.

You Will Live With The Author Through those Six Months in a Page-turning Story which Reminds Us that Freedom is not Free - it is a Precious Treasure Paid for by the Human Sacrifices of True Heroes!
Author's Graduation as a Radar Navigator at Munroe, Louisiana - Lovoi Kneeling 3rd Right &
Pre-flight Briefing ~ B 17 Training Mission ~Second Lieutenant Lovoi Standing 4th Right
The Bomb Run ~ Feel The Terror Realized By Even The Bravest Of Men

Partners In War and Partners In Peace
Joseph W. Lovoi, the Author, is a decorated bomber navigator who lived six months as a prisoner of war in a Nazi POW camp during WW II and who, through several lucky twists of fate (ie.fortune), lived to tell about it. The Author has subtly woven the threads of this fascinating story into the conceptual aura of the American Dream. The Dream, of course, is a cornucopia of idealistic menus which include such entrees' as JUSTICE, OPPORTUNITY, BROTHERLY LOVE, FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, AND HEALTH. Each of these menus must be supported by an unselfish global human effort if they are to successfully feed and be available to posterity.
For example, HEALTH can only thrive by the continuous activities of research and development in that field. This endeavor requires a massive global effort, and sometimes even the ultimate sacrifices of human beings. In the book, Listen My Children, the Author relates the sacrifices of millions of soldiers, sailors, and civilians to the insatiable war-driven needs of the FREEDOM menu. This bill of fare is, by far, the most costly one to sustain and the most difficult one to achieve within the elusive Dream! 
About the Book
Listen My Children is a warm and inspiring true story about a young Air Force Navigator who completed twenty-nine bombing missions over enemy territory in World War II. His B-17 Bomber was shot down during his 29th mission over Innsbruck, Austria. He and his crew had to bail out of their firey casket and were captured. His early background as an immigrant family member is briefly illustrated through the patriotic behaviour and experiences of his parents and siblings. 

The story begins as the Author's B-17 Bomber, ABLE ONE, takes off for the last time to lead an airborne armada of sixty-four bombers to destroy a high priority target. From there, the story graphically relates his parachute jump, his capture, interrogation, solitary confinement, and narrow escape during delivery to Stalag Luft III, a German POW camp, for the 'duration'. Here he describes the trials and tribulations of POW life, the physical and psychological hardships endured, and a brutal forced march across the icy Silesian tundra east of Berlin. 

The book is an easy reading, page turning, inspirational adventure written for posterity who must value the elusive American Dream by protecting it and insuring its existence for all generations to come. Most of the narrative is gripping and thought provoking, but the Author did find some pages where he relieved the tension with heart-warming and amusing anecdotes.

Listen My Children is a six month chronical that details the Author's last bombing raid over Nazi Germany. It seats the reader right next to the Author as they fly down the bomb run over the snow covered Alps. It continues to hand guide the reader through a number of emotional knot holes such as a parachute drop, the drama of capture, the psychological effects of interrogation and solitary confinement, prison life, a forced march through the worst blizzard in German history, the revitalization of lost hope, the daring rescue by General George Patton and his Third Army, and finally a well deserved "dream come true" weekend in Paris.

But, best of all, you will smile as you turn to the last page of this gripping novel.

Readers Praise "Listen My Children"
"A Book that will keep you awake until you reach the last page."
The Distinguished Flying Cross Society

An amazing true life story, told in fast paced easy reading.....an exciting book.....each page gives great insight into how much we all owe to our honored veterans....."Listen My children" is a remarkable true story of one man's experiences in WW II. Once you start reading, you will be eagerly turning the pages in anticipation, feeling the Author's Hopes, Dreams and Despair."
Joseph Bahan, Somerville, Massachusetts

"Joseph Lovoi somehow survived World War II in spite of the ever present spectre of death each time he boarded a B-17 Flying Fortress. He writes of the ensuing six months, including the trauma of capture, the psychological effect of interrogations and solitary confinement, prison life, a brutal forced march across eastern Germany through the worst blizzard in German history, the realization of lost hope, and finally the rescue by General George Patton and his Third Army."
EX-POW Bulletin, December 1997

"I congratulate you on having produced a very exciting manuscript. Reading it piecemeal as I am doing gives it all the excitement of a serialized magazine story, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next. The fact that it is all true (I am so pleased that you have decided to keep it absolutely factual) gives it added impact. We have had too much synthetic adventure and this has a ring of reality."
Agnus Fisher, Owner/Professor (Retired), Fisher College, Boston, Massachusetts

"Dear Mr. Lovoi: I decided I had to stop and write a note to you about your book. From the moment I opened the book and read your dedications and acknowledgements to the epilogue I enjoyed the book tremendously. Even with my busy schedule I finished the book quickly. I found myself wondering what was going to happen next. I believe if more people took the time to express their horror at the atrocities that are allowed to happen in this world as you have done, it would make such a difference. Once again thank you and give me a call if you are in Tahoe."
Carol Mahtz, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

"We received your book and Bob read it through very quickly. [He]Could hardly put it down. I'll soon read it in its entirety [also]. Thanks so much for putting the [your] expressions down for others to read."
Clara Faye Lankford, American Ex-Prisoners of War, Albion Illinois

"Thank you for the copy of your book, Listen My Children, which you presented to me at the April 18th POW gathering at the University of New Hampshire.....it is apparent that this book represents a very personal journey for you. The details of your experiences are very vivid. I appreciate your sharing this part of your life with me and with others."
Jeanne Shaheen, Governor, State of New Hampshire

"The author saved my life when he pushed me out of a doomed bomber"
Fellow Crew Member Major Fred Iorio

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More About the Author

An Open Letter To Posterity * * * * From the Author: Listen My Children is a warm and true narative that lifts the reader to loftier levels of consciousness with regard to understanding the basic concepts of The American Dream.

Every dreamer may sow a different garden, but all the dreams are harvested within a common framework of Freedom, Liberty, and Brotherly Love.

Each generation has a duty to preserve this inheritance, and must promise to pass it on as an Irreplaceable Treasure. I felt this obligation early in life, when I was just a kid. My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Schoonover, had read a very famous poem to the class, Flanders Field, by John McCrae. I love every word of that poem, especially the re-arranged phrases: "We are the dead. To you we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die we shall not sleep."

Read my book and see if I kept my promise.

(Already Above)Joseph W. Lovoi, the Author, is a decorated bomber navigator who lived six months as a prisoner of war in a Nazi POW camp during WW II and who, through several lucky twists of fate (ie. fortune), lived to tell about it. Distribute This: A page turning true story which alternately grips and warms the reader's heart and reveals the other side of imortality. A timely message delivered in WW II and destined to perpetuate for all eternity.


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